Build & Transfer

This model involves taking advantage of the experience of BrillSol to set up an offshore facility for you and help you operate and own this entity. This model is built on the following tenets:

Set-up the facility and infrastructure, staff the offshore development facility (ODF), and establish knowledge transfer

Manage the offshore organization: Program Management, Development, QA, maintenance, enhancements, and product support

Register a new offshore subsidiary for the customer, transfer assets, and handover operations


This model is perfectly suitable to organizations that are planning to setup an offshore development facility in India and would like to leverage the strengths of existing software organizations in helping them in the process. This model obviates the need for organizations to get acclimatized with local issues in setting up an offshore development facility.

BrillSol will solicit information regarding the size, complexity, technology and infrastructural needs of the operation. This information is evaluated and analyzed to decide the composition of the team and assets. BrillSol will also identify the physical assets needed in setting up the facility. BrillSol consulting will source the needed skilled personnel required to initiate the operations. BrillSol and the upcoming offshore facility will work in tight coordination to setup processes, methodologies and quality standards to enable a quick transition and faster turnaround times.

BrillSol will handhold the fledgling facility till it takes flight. The pricing aspects of this venture is dependent on the scale of operations being planned, physical infrastructure, resource needs and the duration and levels of support that need to be provided by BrillSol. The shear complexity of the model has prompted us to place experienced and senior professionals to manage your enquiries and the subsequent process involved.

The biggest advantage with this model is that it helps organizations setup offshore development centers in India in a quick & structured fashion while minimizing the risks associated with such initiatives. This model allows organizations to stay focused on their core activities and a fully operational development center that suits its needs is built in the background with all the attended legal & statutory needs. At the same time, this model provides the needed transparency to minimize expectations mismatch and keeps you abreast of the mode and means through which it is being built and transitioned.