Collaborative Commerce

Collaborative commerce enables business integration amongst an enterprise’s internal personnel, business partners, customers a unique business segment or a community. It provides processes and frameworks to actively solicit and promote interactive decision making and transaction enablement. Collaborative commerce makes optimal use of technology in enabling users to have feature rich interactive experience that encompass a complete business cycle.

BrillSol’s edge of its collaborative commerce initiatives stems from its proven technology exposure and its experience in a wide range of business domains. Commerce as a concept is about rules and processes and an inherent control mechanism for enabling, monitoring and modifying them.

This concept pervades all interacting business entities within a defined business domain. BrillSol’s experience and expertise in collaborative commerce include and are not limited to basic B2B, B2C, Community Hubs, supply-chain management and pure collaboration. Our solution frameworks are geared towards small and medium enterprises and enable them to leverage the strengths and benefits offered by collaborative commerce. Some of our solutions addressed business needs in the Realty, Accounting, Insurance, Photography, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, CRM and ERP domains.

BrillSol approach for providing effective and efficient collaborative commerce solutions is based on a simple three pronged approach. We first understand the evolving business needs, implications and models.

On a separate front, we understand the current and evolving technologies, existing frameworks and the related business applications supported.

The final stage marks the merger of these two discrete approaches where in a solution is proposed. This method helps us leverage state of the art technologies with the business needs.

We have a tested and proven approach that we follow for our collaborative commerce applications. This approach is elaborated in our methodology section.