Collaborative Content Management

Content management refers to the process of capturing, storing, sorting, codifying, integrating, updating and protecting any and all information. Content management as a business need evolved through technology and web based content publishing and management. Current business needs span from basic web sites business houses that publish and disseminate content, online news papers and portals. Collaboration as a medium enhances the power of content through various channels. Collaboration helps in effective assimilation, categorization, concurrency, workflow, dissemination of content and paves way for effective usage of information.

Collaborative content management makes it possible for a specialist in Australia to interact with a patient in USA and interactively evaluate diagnostic results provided by a firm in United Kingdom. Another typical case where this is achieved on a gigantic scale is BBC world services. BrillSol has in-depth understanding of the frameworks of collaborative content management involving role based information collection, storage, presentation, filtering, personalization and interactive elements.

BrillSol wide range of collaborative content management solutions are geared towards small and medium enterprises and news houses. BrillSol approach for providing effective and efficient collaborative content solutions is based on understanding of the collaborative needs, content collection and storage needs and finally the presentation needs. BrillSol explores existing frameworks or builds new frameworks for providing the right solution to your collaborative content management needs.

The approach to collaborative content management solutions is different from conventional business needs as it is a need which emerged from technology and the solutions are strongly rooted in technology. View our approach on collaborative content management consulting