GUI Consulting

The functionality of a given application defines its core. Evolving user expectations have imposed stringent visual interface needs and requirements. These interfaces are not just restricted to visual aspects but also require a high degree of preventability including user navigation, readability and intuitive human computer interfaces. These factors off late define the success and salability of an application commensurate with the core functionality of the application.

avitr being primarily a consulting and development firm understands the significance of both the core functionality of an application along with the interface design aspects. Our consulting and business analyst team examines an application in terms of its flow, key elements, elements used repetitively and come up with a strategy of presentation. These presentation elements are discussed with the visual design team to come up with an effective user interface strategy. This strategy encompasses the best possible ways of capturing and disseminating needed data. A part of the strategy is based on prioritization of information elements in terms of the ones needing higher visibility and other pertinent factors.

The underlying technology of the application also determines the selection and usage of tools for evolving an intuitive interface design. This collective brainstorming and analysis of the business consulting team and the visual interface team is our differentiating factor in providing user interfaces that are functionally relevant, aesthetically appealing and user friendly. We constantly endeavor to sensitize our designs for regional, ethnic and typical demographic perspectives. Finally, we make conscious efforts during the interface design process of retaining the brand identity and promise of your corporation.