Joint Ventures

Joint Venture Relationship as a concept and phenomenon is aimed strictly at leveraging strengths of the partners involved to create a new organization that provides the cumulative strength of all the involved stake holders. These relationships empower organizations to foray into new business realms and also achieve deeper and wider penetration in existing realms of operation.

Joint ventures are brought into existence to meet the changing times, markets, expectations of customers, emerging technologies and growing costs. This scenario is more dramatic in the software domain as needs, technologies, cost structures evolve at a rapid pace. It becomes highly impossible for all organizations to mold and adapt themselves commensurately to the speed at which market dynamics evolve and change.

BrillSol understands the critical need of enhancing value through strategic relationships. BrillSol is keen on developing relationships that open new vistas of markets, make optimal use of our comprehensive services by complementing and leveraging strengths of like minded organizations and partners to create a new brand identity. On the same note, BrillSol is extremely enthusiastic of sharing and delivering value to all our existing and potential partners and believes in growing by sharing wealth and value.