BrillSol is engaged in providing customized software development

BrillSol is engaged in providing customized software development, co product development, web development, consulting services & data solutions to businesses, and to act as offshore development center for other software development houses.

BrillSol believes in delivering value for its clients in an uncompromising manner. We are a team of highly spirited, ambitious and quality conscious professionals.

We are doing quality projects using cutting edge technologies and have an excellent track record in terms of quality, timely delivery and high value addition, which has earned us the admiration of our clients over the years.

Our Offshore Development Services, which may be offered on a fixed-price, fixed-time frame or time-and-materials basis, include custom software development, maintenance and re-engineering services as well as Dedicated Offshore Software Development Facilities for certain clients.


We at BrillSol see our profits in other’s gain. We believe that if our client derives some benefit from our activities, then and only then will we prosper. Always open to our clients needs, always willing to change our ways to suit theirs, is our philosophy. We believe, if we have to work professionally to benefit each other then we have to build a relationship first. Working as a team is a best phenomenon.


To develop into an internationally respected organization that provides world-class software solutions delivered by best-in-class people.

We are devoted to software and software alone. This is a choice we have made. For now and the future. So that the clients who come to us know that we are driven by a single purpose.


We believe in developing and maintaining long term relationships with a view of acting as technology partners for our clients. The emphasis is on being highly service oriented with high value addition as the goal rather then being a technology centric firm.

Our strength lies in understanding, refining and translating business / enterprise processes into highly customized and efficient solutions. Apart from the wide range of functional expertise acquired over the years in various business domains, we excel in refining, creating and/or understanding complex and proprietary business processes and creating solutions.


BrillSol is providing software development, web development, customer support and consulting services to software houses, trading concerns and professional service providers in Canada, UK, Europe and USA, the list of which can be provided on request.